Where are they?

Sorry y'all, Dreams are off limits at the time.

I plan on releasing them sometime in the future.

They're currently a mess and far from what I'd like to offer to any sorts of audience.

The dreams exceeded hundreds of thousands of words and counting

For now, I'll just share a very small selection

What are they?

What are the Dreams you might ask?

Well, they're a mix of fairly objective and very subjective recollections of key points in my recent life, that were more or less groundedly scrounged up.

The main problem I have with them, is that they are too detailed and some of it just simply not really that good to be seen by y'all. Recorded at times hastily, at times emotionally, at times very messily with overall quality not meeting my expectations.

But the documentation is thorough and I intend on looking back at it once I live a little.

In the end, I think there's plenty of good material to look back on.