Additional Information

Well, I guess I decided to continue with the Houdini journey. Picking up last year's stuff, cleaning and making it better and more functional based on all the new stuff I've learned, from the glorious Junichiro Horikawa materials but also from blitz experiences of the like Mardini, which was a serious crash course into whatever was in Houdini that I haven't yet used till now like actual pyro, flip, vellum and the sorts

I also looked a bit more closely at renderman, found a couple of cool tricks and hacks and got to experiment a little bit more to see the strengths and limitations of, especially, what my computer can take. But despite I've sunk, likely hundreds of hours into experimenting, it all feels like hours sorta well spent, I cringe more after watching a movie at times.

The key thing is, I see improvement and also some periods of just having taken a break, I've noticed actually contributed to sorting out the knowledge in my head and whenever I came back to the Houdini gig, it did feel as if I could just simply get more done on my own, which is a truly wonderful feeling especially once you start seeing results that you're truly satisfied with.

But as usual with CG, there's lots of stuff that I just simply can look at and go raving like a little kid, having found a new cool toy, that perhaps isn't too impressive to people having lots of experience in the industry but can prompt me to pull the trigger on sharing the thing on instagram, hence perhaps this compilation should be a tiny bit better curated but it's also the history of what I've shared with the world. Which I think can show a better breadth of how I work, when I'm a bit more disconnected from other parties :)

Still, for me Houdini is king in FX and the sheer stuff one can come up with still doens't cease to amaze me along with the speed at how everything can get processed in combination with even a CPU-based renderer like Renderman.

My plan up next is to try skipping onto other GPU-based renderers like Octane (to test it out) and integrating other applications such as Substance Painter, Nuke, finally laying my hands on Unreal Engine etc.