Martin Gross, Fuad Soudah
Arduino MEGA, Adobe Illustrator, Laser Cutter

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Additional Information

You get 1.5 weeks to come up with a project that will produce according sounds, what do you do? We decided to blow shit up. And so we built a device that in theory was supposed to do just as much, except, blow a variety of capacitors up.

We hosted the entire idea on an Arduino Mega kit, five motors, five lasercut acrylic plates and eventually piezos (little speakers) instead of actuall capacitors as we were not allowed to blow anything up during the actual presentation. The setup was enriched by a few other solutions, yet we hit an actual roadblock by trying to find out the best way of providing an electrical current to the piezos just 2 days before the deadline. We used cut-out sponges and duct tape for that, the most reliable solution we had within our reach.

This course hosted one of the most creative workspaces that I ever had the pleasure of being in. We were provided with pretty much all we needed. Arduino kits? Batteries, motors, piezos, a milion of cables of all sorts. Soldering kits, voltage appliers (I don't know the word for it in any language to be frank), drills, conductive tape, electrical current detectors (??). And many, many more. It almost felt like at Sound Design & Physical Computing back in Sydney, yet... That environment was one of the most rich and creative hubs that I have ever came across. Until my teammate gave me a glimpse into what he has access to...

It is worth to mention that we also were given a total credit of up to 20 Euros for additional materials that we might have needed, the amount of which we did not use at all (as we had all the materials already needed). The experience made me think, whether I would like to acquire certain sets myself once I get back to Sydney...