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Who Am I?
Visual Communication
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March 2015

Culture. The one that defines you. Which does define me?

Well, that depends how far will we go back in time? How about way back when I was a kid? I started listening to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, Metallica, Megadeth in exactly this order. I enjoyed action movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger as my favorite actor.

TV Shows started to grow on me with the release of Prison Break. I'll take it for granted and burst out, that it's a progenitor of all that is being released nowadays. As if, an actual quality TV Show. But then, there was Twin Peaks, released way before. That I have not seen when I was young! The Sopranos became extremely popular as well. What about Band of Brothers? Still, the genre was not that popular at the time.

What I loved doing? I loved playing video games. When I was a kid, I did sports everyday. Preferably football. Then, I moved to games and hell, if they even ran, that'd be fantastic. Playstation One, computer which hardly operated Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City. Not San Andreas, though. I just had 256 MB of RAM.

It's a bit too far, going so back in time. I'll get back to it, in the future, k?