Online Digital Library
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Swiper.js
Late 2020-2021

Additional Information

I had an idea for a long time of creating a digital virtual space of my own. One which would incorporate a digital library where I could store anything I'd want in case I was keen on revisitng it. If one were to imagine this, you could think of a cyberpunkish thing-o or, say, any form of a modern-day library but all in a 3D format.

I did not quite manage to reach this point yet and I feel this would be incredibly cumbersome to work with. But as a placeholder I managed to create something else that would be much more flexible as I thought. I mean, I already had the digital infrastructure in place and fluency in a pretty cool framework and lots of data stored on a few websites, so I all I had to do is just fill in the blanks and decide what I actually loved that I'd like to perhaps store and share with the world?

A-ha but one may wonder what was deeper in my idea behind this? Well, at somestage in 2020 I discovered to my amaze that, I might not actually be as cultured as I once had thought. I mean, to think of it, while I was actually working and studying towards being a VFX Artist, I realised that I was quite some length behind some folks in many ways that I didn't really think was as deep as it was. Once I managed to catch up in many vectors, I decided that, it's worth actually putting together the library after all, which was fairly manual and quite tiring as a thing but now that I look back, it's kind of worth it as I can easily share this, very easily iterate upon this and view virtually on any device on most of which it works quite great.

I mean, think about it: what's your favorite movie? Book? What did you learn of cool recently that you'd like to play but you're most certain to forget? Sure you could use imdb n' stuff to bookmark everything but you know what, there's nothing like a bookshelf and one certainly start to appreciate one, once gone to a bookstore or a library. And having a digital one, set for the new world? That you can just click something that catches your eye, with a graphic you can pick and inspect more on professional online knowledge bases about what it is and where you can experience it? I just had to execute this.

And the 3D version? You know, never say never, just need to get to a certain point of excelence in the 3D world so I end up happy with it :)

Oh and the key thing? The over 1200 Movies, 270 TV Shows and 350 Video Games Experienced and rated on Filmweb :) :) :)

In a way, it's a continuation of my capstone research project, which considered a hollistic personal hub consisting of all your digitally recorded activities with the aim of providing suggestions to embetter your life. I guess I skewed towards a more manual format, I suppose a marriage of whatever gets spewed out from the data structure bubbles and what I actually think can be achieved here. Perhaps I should create one for music as well? It'd be more of a nostalgia thing and I'd need to flex my programming muscles for real this time...