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Well, this was a unit during which I learned about Design Education. There were many vectors, some people decided to teach at High School some at younger age and I think I went alone to try and teach... Parsons students. Yyyeaah that was extremely stressful.

In the end there was a whooping amount of reading involved and a massive learning curve for myself as well (I think there was about 100 pages a week scheduled) and... you know in the end I decided to create something that well I learned a long time in life which was UX and deliver what UX was to Parsons students. I think I made a good attempt.

In the process I also learned lots about the different philosophies in terms of teaching and what I was learning and have learned. So, you know, Australia, Korea, Germany and the states and so on, probably even Poland was involved at some stage. I loved the spectrum I got to interact with. Fabulous times.