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May 2015

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My problem with this unit was simple. I did not know what was required of me. I did not know what to do. I did not know what was going on. And so, I did basically whatever I wanted, which blew back on me severely

Looking back to when I did Design Thinking, I still feel sour about this unit alone. Yet, I took another look at the Assignment guidelines and today, I believe that I should have radically performed better as this course was not that bad, in fact quite crucial in terms of becoming a Designer.

I probably have mentioned on several occassions that the first semester was particularly heavy for me personally, as I had to take on much heavier load apart from the Uni itself. At that time, finding accommodation and income were of highest priority. Considering in the place I were back then, I'm surprised that I got through as far. Anyhow, what you'll see here might not be as bad as well. Unfortunately, for me and for the peeps peeking at the material I came up with alone and in a group, you'll find the material heavily varying in terms of quality.