Event Locator

Event Locator
Fuad Soudah
Processing, Unfolding Maps, Control P5
Feb 2017

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2 weeks. Processing Language. Teams of two, which in case of myself just became myself. Lack of programming knowledge. Yet, I recalled some processing functions. The idea? Make an application. Set? Go.

One additional struggle that I had during this time, was that my blockpraktikum took place right in the middle of my exams. So I could not entirely focus on the project itself, despite it being a 9-5, monday-friday one. Still, with my limited skills and a temendous amount of struggle and great help provided by the tutors, I managed to create an event locator. An application, which operating on two different plugins is able to showcase to you, favorite artists that are touring all around america, based on the name, the genre and your last.fm profile.

I would have done the same for Europe and still plan on doing just as much. I was delivered the right API key just after my course ended. Yet, it will have to wait for a bit, before I make any use of it. I was graded surprisingly well, considering that my presentation was a disaster (from my perspective). But I was so burnt out afterwards, that I'm just happy it's already over. I still enjoyed the course, very much indeed, especially the flexibility of it, purely amazing. Yet, I've started thinking whether all of this wasn't too much for me personally...