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The story of why I decided to create a website of my own feels a little vague, considering that I was just around 11 when I decided to apprehend such an idea. To begin with, I actually employed myself with a set of books: two html ones, a C++ and a few others as far as I recall, out of which I was able to understand just one. Huge, extensive and written in a language that remained beyond my sphere of understanding. What I did, sort of get, was lines of code for some reason. I even was such a bad geek, that I lobbied for an html assignment back at the end of primary school, believing for some wicked reasons that the ability to create a website at such young age could benefit everyone exponentially in the future.

Nevertheless, I created some really badly designed ones, with a contrast so extreme that could knock down even the most persistent of my potentiall audience. I mean, blue font on a black background? I included even some multimedia, such as favorite songs and youtube videos. Perhaps at some point I will disclose a few other website that I have created. One of which was a website that featured my secondary school's class, with each of us having a potential website of our own. In the end, as far as I recall, it was built within the boundaries of a frameset as well. Just a mere variation of what I have created and you may see above. But then, I was an actual self-learner.

The contents of the latest page reflected on my interests. I'd say it was the precursor of what I have become. There was some hardware content entwined, video games' screenshots (a gigantic library!), music I listend to and reviews of my favorite games sorted in tables, downloadable links, videos and interesting linked material that I believed could have been of some use for other peeps. On top of that, I wrote updates, some of which were heavily emotional and reflective as I met my first life-related failures. There is not that much that you may learn from this website, yet, once I recover more material, there might be more to work with.

The funny part? I had my domain registered through a polish website interia on a yahoo email, the password of which I do not remember, total commander details? Neither. I could not even recover the damn mailbox. And so, the website remained online for years, for some reason. I'm just curious how long will it remain there or if anyone even realises that it still is there?

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