Mobile HCI Presentation

Mobile HCI Prototype

Mobile HCI
Human-Computer Interaction 2
Galaxy S7, Commbank App
Nov 2016

Additional Information

Concept & Analysis

I decided to do all of my tutorial assignments, as I believed that passing the master classes might be already a difficult endeavor and without conducting consistent work, that would just be pure impossible. So, I did the web assignment, which came first, recreating Medien's website in order to make it more responsive. Afterwards? Mobile HCI.

That one was extremely dodge from my perspective. Take note, all of these projects required up to 4 people. I was just myself. And some folks were creating actual android applications, while I lacked any skills in this area. I had to get creative. Yet, I knew exactly one feature, that would definitely make others more interested in the smartwatch products. Having known the popularity and public attention the products have received back in the days and how they became so insignificant afterwards, I could help but notice the obvious shortcomings of these devices, compared to regular watches and... what it lacked.

And what it lacked was quite obvious: more battery life, more performance, more everything. Yet, if there was one feature that could turn it into a must have, that would be... surprise, surprise? Contactless payments embedded into the device.

Guess what. Australian banks did a big leap in this area. And I am in a bank that actually does allow mobile payments issued by its app. So what I did? I created a bandlike throwaway prototype. I put my smartphone in and tested whether the set actually worked. And it seldom did, with a few minor problems that came out eventually.

I had basically one shot at testing the device out. A few problems might have arisen during the process. Yet, everything went smooth, I captured a video which depicted exactly the features I wanted it to depict. Take note, such payments are still relatively novice in Germany alone. So it did impress the audience and I received max points for my project.