VR Prototype

Research Report

Machine Learning Project
Fuad Soudah, overseen by: Dr Kazjon Grace
Unity 2017, Python, SpaCy, Processing, C#, Extra Libraries
November 2017

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Additional Information

After having arrived from Germany I decided to say hello to a variety of people, first of all: the lecturers and the new program director of the course I attended: Dr Kazjon Grace. And since it was my final semester, I decided to ask him in one of the first conversations about my future, cause, well, it was closing in faster than I have eventually realised. In return, I was proposed to commit to a research project and before me sorting out the details, in one of the briefly exchanged emails I was presented with 'Let's do this!'. And so I did, despite I was already committed to a surmountable amount of work ahead of me, perfectly able to cope with if only some roadblocks did not pop up in the process...

This project was ambitious. On a scale from 0 to 10, it was insane. What does insane stand for? Pick a number. It entailed incorporating a wide variety of technologies into the mix, from artificial intelligence techniques with harnessing Machine Learning in particular, a variety of APIs, programming in Processing, Python, C# with me still being relatively unskilled in both, especially the latter and Unity, which was an environment entirely new to me with the addition of crucial libraries...

Eventually, what happened was I ran out of time. The results took me nowhere but I managed to develop the project to the resolution I intended for. Its completion was continuously postponed... due to other units of study that became simply crazy, at a point I honestly was playing with fire. The result I ended up with did not satisfy my expectations but it likely matched the semester's work worth.

I'm still proud of it, as most of the techniques it entailed were relatively fresh to me and I involed theory I learned while I was overseas. On top of which, it all lead towards the creation of something that was complex, a little bit out there but despite it all, it worked.