Additional Information

Ahhh, photos. After selectively editing single shots sourced from tens of thousands of photos shot over the course of last couple of years, finally I can present something that I honestly believe looks quite decent. Maybe not yet absolutely phenomenal but hey, bit of practice does lead you somewhere and in my case, it took me to maxing out what's store with my RAWs.
I intended to introduce a much more expansive version, one that could be considered as... a semantic version, in which by chosing a particular location on a map, you'd be presented with a range of photos. But on one hand, I did not post-process that many photos and before I figure out how to get an interactive map on my page, I'd have to spend at least a few weeks learning javascript with according libraries. It may come eventually. Hey, I envisioned my website and look how it presents itself now! Maybe once 1.0 comes out... who knows.

I recently made a shift to new FX hardware, I fuel my work up with discounted hardware. Such as this beauty Nikon D750 in combination with a stock lens, 24-120. Hey, it's great! The amount of details that I can bring out is straight from another world! And I was questioning my decision to get this bad boy. Although it takes some adjusting, especially with the relatively new ergonomics to master and a new hardware I'm postprocessing images on. I think the results speak for themselves along with the aesthetics I like to impose.

What you see here is a foretaste. Brace yourselves for much, much more.