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Early 2015

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Update: 6 April 2021

The Processing files are now fixed and functional :)

Post: sometime in 2016/2017

Eh... Unfortunately I was not able to recover my second project. I will make another attempt back in Sydney, but no guarantees can be made.

Three projects. First programming assignments in a language that is relatively easy for the peeps to learn and create relatively amazing stuff. Pretty straightforward. No assumed knowledge required. And so, we created and were required to document our process step by step. Showcasing what we have created and putting our content on a peepproject website, which as far as I recall, was designed for the sole purpose of our unit.

My problem was, that I didn't employ more advanced code. No arrays and more compelling solutions. I just had an idea that had to defend itself against the tutors reviewing our works. None of us actually learned in the end how well we did in each of our assignments, for which most of us had pretences against the tutors. Yet, I received a credit.