Projekt Piaseczno

Infrastructural Redevelopment
Adobe Photoshop, Galaxy Note 3, Google Map Saver
Nov 2014

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Frustrated by the everyday struggles of commute, after having attended highschool for around 2 years and not having seen any improvements introduced in any lengths to the current outdated infrastructure whatsoever, I decided to undertake my own vision and recreate the system from my own point of view.

The inspiration came from the bottom up. Enormously congested provincial and state roads intersecting at my neighbouring hometown successfully limited my ways of reaching school. Buses reaching its destination late, especially during winter when the delays used to become especially ridiculous. Overcrowded trains, at times not taking any more passangers due to its capacity limits. Outdated infrastructural solutions, awaiting complex redevelopment. Lack of cycle paths, preventing cyclists from reaching their destination safely.

At some point I started reading in, looking for projects that were about to take place nearby. I learned of multiplicitous, some that I believed would truly unlock the potential of the neighbourhood. I came across openstreetmap in which, at the time, concept projects were shown. What was brought upon my eyes was enormous potential, which in fact meant that the area I lived in might become the most sought out destination in Warsaw's metropolitan area. A 12-minute-walk-away railway awaiting revitalisation works. Expressway scheduled to be built 5 kilometers away from where I lived. A new bypass road scheduled to be built in my commune. A great deal many more modernisation projects, which were about to fix key, most congested areas in my neighbouring town. Nothing, at the time, neither going ahead as scheduled nor as planned.

I acquired a galaxy note 3, substituting my galaxy s2 which served well its time. Among all its features, one that I particularly enjoyed fiddling with was the stylus. I could write and solve math functions and... basically edit certain screenshots the way I meant them to. At some point, I screenshot a google maps section near my school and began to... edit it. Then I did it again. And again. I became so passionate that I tried researching if there is a way to download the entire, large scale map. And the option did exist to download without lables a satellite map of my town and its neighbouring area, which in total was of 20000x20000 pixels. I found out the maximum resolution allowed to be edited on my note 3 was 2560x2560, so I cut out in photoshop according areas and began importing to my note 3, in which I introduced all the required solutions flawlessly with my stylus. Eventually, without me actually even noticing, I created a project which quite fairly said exceeded my expectations.

I designed complex and innovative solutions for the most congested intersections. I adapted the planned ones and introduced a vision of my own in the areas which lacked documentation. I drew out a conceptual map for potential cycle ways encompassing my entire neighbouring town. I even introduced a concept of a new bus connection grid. Tried adapting some, at the time, novel solutions and providing equivalent sketches. I even have done actual sketches done on paper at the early stages of the project development. At some point, I placed buildings that were scheduled to be built.

All in all, my point by creating the project and pursuing it for so long, was: I wanted to raise a debate within the community. So that they could weigh in. Try discussing these projects, even the lack of any being underway would seem like a good topic to at very least think of! I knew that I was no an expert. Nevertheless, I tried designing a complex concept, which ought to be, should and was criticised as I shared it and delivered to some of my friends. I believe that I might have actually been of some influence, as some marks were left which could have indicated that someone did take a look at the project I was doing. Eventually I had to drop it as prepared for my final exams and then, my departure to Australia. Notwithstanding, I might get back to it in the future. As I mentioned: great potential. And now, things are changing in the midst of my absence.

Additionally, please take a look at a blog that I have established. I put just merely two complex posts, nevertheless I believe it showcases research that I have done and the extent to which I was willing to enlarge my current project.