Awry Perception


Additional Information

A friend took on a radio show. And I decided to follow. What he created, I deemed of quality. Great concept of a show, even better execution.

What I created, was... well, it just was. Better or worse. First episode I considered a catastrophy. It went on for 2.5h, although it was supposed to just for an hour. One person did not show up, so I had to take his slot. Then the next person's recording was missing as far as I recall. So constructing a setlist last minute based on Breaking Bad and possible Black Mirror at the same time was quite a struggle. Afterwards, I'm not sure if I had as many listeners. To speak of a failstart.

The show's idea basically encompassed playing TV Shows' soundtracks and giving an overview on why they were considered so great in the first place. It was relatively, more difficult than I thought it would, to construct such a show, as the soundtracks are not necessarily readily available for the public just as they please. At times it was a score, at times a soundtrack. Balancing in between these two and finding the score tracks and then launching them in the radio booth. Eh...

Anyway, I delivered a total of around 10 episodes. 1 I could not recover. 1 was just purely broken, as a result of technical difficulties (oh how I loved telling this line). Still, a great experience and I would love to do it again, just in relation to Video Games or perhaps... another types of mediums?

Unfortunately I left most of my radio tracks back in Australia. For some reason, I only uploaded two of them. Once I arrive back in the land down under, I will fill this page up with the entire season. In the meantime, enjoy a relatively chill Band of Brothers episode and an episode which encompasses a variation of music I listen to + some The Wire excerpts. Now, The Wire was particularly difficult as it... lacked a soundtrack to begin with. And I received an extra hour, as I had to cover for a friend. So... Stress that you will hear while listening to that 2 hour episode. Anyway, enjoy (if you may).

At a point in time I even managed to interview the program director of Design Computing on Media Architecture Biennale as part of SurgFM... But I don't think I'll be able to recover the file.. or maybe?