Tech Media Democracy

Unity Mathematical Visualisations
Assisted by:
Yashwanth Iragattapu
Worked on:
May 2019

Additional Information

Wild Card here!

The unit, I didn't know what will stem out of this before I entered, once I entered and there was so much I didn't know in the process along with the Professor who coordinated it, who is famous.

In the end it was lots of... well, commuting between different venues! New York Times Headquarters, Columbia University, Cornell Tech, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, NYU and well Parsons. Incredibly, truly one of a kind experience in which some of the very best schools in the world participated, collaborated and I learned a massive heaps.

The only thing that as a wildcard, well, the unit did produce an even wilder card of sorts for me. One was a Hackathon on which I worked on and which I believe I didn't perform marvelously at... Yet it wasn't a complete disaster, we even had supplied beers which was marvelously fantastic and in the end there was one more thing we were expected which I didn't know on which I worked on, an iteration, during which I worked with a friend Yash to work out some mathematical things and... you know, what a mindblowing feeling, going out at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, for rough 3 or 5 minutes was it? Deliver an automated presentation on a solution I thought it encompassed well and... thinking by the end of it that it was a disaster. But from what I heard from others, it wasn't, quite the contrary. And even the professor caught up to me while going to the subway and we had an interesting talk, about which I barely remember was it included... But it was one of those feelings of, wow, somehow it all span out crazily positively and I was so utterly completely happy by the end of this all, because reaching this point was a hackathon of its own :)

And what was it that I created? A prototype for filtering and consumming news in a virtual format. Super-rough in the end but it was the Presentation to sell the idea. And I think it did.