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Richard Wang, Sherina Li, Dennis Dou, Fuad Soudah

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What's Determination? Undertale tried to answer that, with a combination of subtle approach and 50.000$, turning a piece into a game of the year. Well, but that was 2015! Why am I reminiscencing, now it's the future I ought to dwell into!

And in fact the future it was. And a double unit, with a significant amount of workload, as I presumed, pumped into what was expected. What I did in this unit, probably drew most of my mental resources, sucked it all, almost, out. While I was finishing my 50 page long final document, I hardly was able to fix the common mistakes, that I fished out a few weeks after I took another look at what the hell I managed to came up with. Today, I kind of feel bad for the person who actually marked this one, as it is likely, that he could have just graded me down for delivering a visual report, that was just way too long. You think I'm joking? My final document contained 43 pages, weighed 140 MB, contained more than 9000 words (It's not a joke) and I even received a personal email, strongly implying that I ought to limit myself within the boundaries of 10000 words...

What, you think that's it? Not a chance, the presentation (which was done solo, just as much as the visual report), involved 29 slides and a specifically dedicated prototype designed with the use of, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. That not enough to make your mouth water? Well, how about a 54 pages long, annotated museum walkthrough? I even included a spatial mapping. Yet, this one was made by a group effort, I was the one that decided to go way overboard, crazy and try describing all the potentially elements, finding strengths and weaknesses to the real, meticulous point.

And then I made storyboards, prepared materials for the generative session (although that was a group effort), which we recorded by sound, video and we even took photos as well. I went entirely off bat and beyond what was required and struggled immensely keeping all of this together. I need to issue my thanks to my teammates that they put up with me for so long, as the first 1-2 assignments were actualy group projects. We and then I were graded very highly for the work. And the thing is? It was worth it. Just, literally, mind consuming. I just wish I could have finished the project with greater finesse.