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AR Project

Fully Body 3D Scans

Fully Body Scan
Ipad 3D Scanner
Worked on:
May 2019

Additional Information

This was a very, very interesting unit.

I took this primarily because of... oh, well, you've guessed it! Motion Capture technology. It was a free for all really, although, I had to take the unit to have access to the Motion Capture studio. And boy oh boy I was abusing that studio, at least 3 hours a week once I had access, I loved it, even if I knew so little but I knew it was one-of-a-kind opportunity and I wanted to make the best of it. And so I did!

It was the main ingredient in me producing one of my faovrite pieces of all time. But earlier I also got to work on AR which was quite interesting, as it had animation and even FX assets n' all. Today it's a bit problematic to use vuforia... But hey, it worked quite cool back then. And I ended up doing some 3D scans with a few collegues of mine :)

Fun times.