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Additional Information

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Yeah, well I decided to say a few words about these Videos as well.

First of all, I started off, being inspired by other equivalent music videos featured on youtube. So I decided to make my own. And considering I was big on gaming, in fact, just about to revitalise my hobby with a new gaming rig, I just did as much. Capturing some content in fraps, some in gamecam, looking for the right software. Then, editing it in windows movie maker (so easy and forthcoming, the first and old versions!) and combining it with the music I enjoyed listening to. They did not rather contain any cuts. And the framerate... Well, capturing anything did impact the game's performance, plus my hard drive couldn't take it (more Gigabytes) anymore.

Throughout the years, I started walking away from gaming. However, I still managed to employ more cuts and tried matching what was happening on the screen in better fashion, in conjunction with music. It was around 2012 that I shifted toward working with TV Shows, fascinated by the narrative aspects and how much content a show could deliver in so many angles.

The software changes as well. I rather used Sony Vegas and FRAPS as a standard setup. Once I departed to Sydney, I changed once again to Adobe Premiere, but still preferred Sony Vegas in certain cases. Yet, the most important aspect that has changed? I tried making my mixes so that they contained a certain atmosphere, that would run along well with the music introduced. Sometimes, I even introduced alternate stories, which didn't even have to involve dialogues. They were just self-explanatory. But what fascinated me the most, was how I was able to create certain mixes, that each person was able to deliver a different opinion, weighing in with a different clutch, pointing my attention to different aspects, some that I did not even notice.

But then, one thing did not change at all. Would you like to know what it was? I never spent more than, probably, 5 hours on one mix. I tried capturing them as fast as possible. And then editing them as fast as possible, so that my inspiration didn't go with the end(wind?). That said, you will always notice parts that could have been fixed in better fashion. That said, I did not care. I made these mashups just for fun and my own personal pleasure. Constructive criticism, or... you know what? Any would do. It is always vital. So throw as much of it as you may. Even if I won't seem greatful, rest assured, I will be.

Haibane Renmei // Thornhill - Leather Wings
Wonder Egg Priority // Tricot - Butter
Tenshi no Tamago // Woods of Ypres - December in Winsdor
Paranoia Agent // Skywalker - Charon's Song
Animatrix // Uneven Structure - Alkaline Throat & Brazen Tongue
Re:Zero 1st season // Good Tiger - Young Speak
Mix of sources // Tubylcy - Beverly Hills, 05806
My own assets // Grimes - Delete Forever
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 // The Anix - Everlasting Love
Attack on Titan (Season 3 Part 2) // Karnivool - Sky Machine
Neon Genesis Evangelion // Tool - Culling Voices
Chernobyl // Northlane - 4D
Carole & Tuesday // Slowly Slowly - Ten Leaf Clover
Love Death and Robots // Idiot Pilot - Mammoth
Ślepnąc od Świateł // Aimer - Insane Dream
Terror in Resonance // Pymlico - NOL861613060
Attack on Titan // Triptykon - Aurorae
Made in Abyss // Babymetal - Starlight
Your Lie in April // Skyharbor - Ethos
Samurai Champloo // Hyper - Centre Attraction
The Expanse // Tesseract - King
Pitbull (Series) // Pro8l3m - Macki Meduzy
Neo Tokyo // Danger - 22:41
Ji 2049 - Blade Runner: 2049 // Periphery - Ji
Cowboy Butterfly - Cowboy Bebop: The Movie // Grimes - Butterfly
Vietnam Faith - The Vietnam War (Episode 2) // Nine Inch Nails & Atticus Ross - Before and After Faith
Burning Men - Mad Men (Episode 1) // Nine Inch Nails - Burning Bright (Field on Fire) (Live)
Ghost in the Elysium - Ghost in the Shell (1995) // Celldweller - New Elysium
Fargo on the Radio - Fargo (Season 3) // TV on the Radio - Happy Idiot
Misunderstood Brothers - Band of Brothers // Dream Theater - Misunderstood
Nothingworld - Westworld // The Dillinger Escape Plan - Nothing to Forget
Poltergoon - Black Lagoon // Deftones - Poltergeist
Mr. Yourself - Mr. Robot (Season 1) // SONOIO - See Yourself
In Viking Licht - Vikings (Season 3) // In Extremo - In Diesem Licht
UnderExposed - Six Feet Under (Season 5) // A Day to Remember - Exposed
Bad Fist - Breaking Bad (Season 4) // Health - Stonefist
Heavy Sopranos - The Sopranos (Season 6) // The Smashing Pumpkins - Heavy Metal
True Pacify - True Detective (Season 2) // FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify
Felint - Breaking Bad (Season 5) // Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - What If We Could, Nine Inch Nails - 12 Ghosts II, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Great Bird of Prey
Lost in Love - Lost (Season 3) // Crystal Castles - Not in Love ft. Robert Smith
Game of Varandra - Game of Thrones (Season 1) // Shining - Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra
Spec Black Teaser - Spec Ops: The Line // Nine Inch Nails - Black Noise
Inertial - Hannibal (Season 2) // beats:metaphysical - Inertia Creeps Edit (Massive Attack cover)
Heathland - Homeland (Season 1) // Health - Tears
Celestica V - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim // Crystal Castles - Celestica
Blind Detective - True Detective (Season 1) // TV on the Radio - Blind
Nine Inch Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony // Nine Inch Nails - Running
Breaking Negative - Breaking Bad (Seasons 1-5) // Type O Negative - Everyone I Love is Dead
Crystal Payne - Max Payne 3 // Crystal Castles - Kerosene
MW2 Gameplay - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 // Drowning Pool - Killin' Me, Linkin Park - Forgotten
Crysis Tornado - Crysis // Nightwish - Master Passion Greed, Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful, System of a Down - Sugar
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Gameplay // Linkin Park - Qwerty

I'll leave the rest (2008 vids) unknown for y'all ^^