The Tracking Self


'From fitbit to apple watch, self tracking activities, movements, calories intake,... is becoming increasingly popular. The tracking self investigates the concept of self tracking, with a critical view towards quantified self. The tracking self project explores the possibility of designing personal wearable devices or apps that allow a better understanding of self, and create an opportunity for reflecting on personal behaviours such as physical activity, or self-regulating emotions.'

Ever since we are living in the information era and smartphones became the communication device nr. 1, with a range of sensors and integrated circuits miniaturised to the point that every single, seemingly trifling data may be captured, the potential to form a larger picture and contribute to understanding oneself opens up, provided by the graduating openness of platforms and their willingness to share database resources via API, I am curious as to explore how a collective of datasets could potentially visualise, inform and in consequence educate and drive the enrichment of anyone's life.



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