Designer? Voyager? Outlander? Nobody knows who he is but he is and yet, personally? I love all the digital and hybrid, crossovering sciences, jumping around the world, drinking double pulp orange juice and proving that the impossible may actually be quite possible. Always up for challenges, I guess if I called myself a quite complex fella, it wouldn't be an overexaggeration. Well, before I get started anytime soon, perhaps you'd like to take a look at my Cultural Side and hobbys such as Photography and fixing up custom Music Videos? I grew up on metal, nevertheless I eventually established myself a significantly wider taste pallete. Well, take a look at my account!

Or, we could just take off with the performance of a minor retrospection, solely a synopsis encompassing a wide range of elements of myself.


I was born at St. Leonards in Sydney, Australia. I attended preschool and then the first year of my primary school in Ingleburn, New South Wales. At the age of 6, my parents decided to leave for a rural area of Stara Iwiczna, located near, south of Warsaw in Poland. Thereon, I finished 6 years in Primary School and the following 3 years in secondary school, both of which hosted in Nowa Iwiczna. Afterwards, I did 3 years of high school in neighouring town of Piaseczno, with specializations established in mathematics, physics and geography. After completing which, shortly after my final exams, I left for Sydney, Australia - where I made an attempt at constructing reasonably stable foundations for my future. Half a year later, I enrolled in Bachelor of Design Computing program at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at University of Sydney. After having completed 3 semesters, I was granted 2 semesters of exchange at University of Munich, where I pursued degree-related units of study, upon completing which I came back and finalized my degree in Sydney.



I have been commited to quite a few radical changes throughout the entire span of my life, most of which took place beyond my control. If there were three qualities by which my works are driven, I would enumerate: Ambition, Innovation and Dilligence. Ambitious of the projects' scope, Innovative of the solutions incorporated and dilligent by the passion put forward towards refinement and conclusion. I enjoy working on my projects from a variety of perspectives and taking them upon by novel attempts. Lately, I have been increasingly relating to industry-grade techniques, yet I remained with my belief that reaching compelling solutions requires at times an elaborate and refined approach.

As a result, I managed to acquire a range of skills presented on this very website, enriched with embeds of Documents and Presentations. The quality of works is of utmost importance and while the process follows or even matches, it is the circumstances in which the projects were raised that breathes and showcases its life. The inspirations, longings, design choices, thinking methods, all the processes, motivations. I did my best to foreclose all of the aforementioned and even more at the utmost of all the angles.



The Future is usually quite uncertain, nevertheless envisioning is ultimately a part of a design process. So why not dream a bit?

An attempt to master and incorporate a vast range of programming languages is on my agenda. Enriching my skills in the visual sphere and delving more into working with Game Engines are some things I would eventually enjoy getting beyond proficient. Further developing my current language skills and broadening my horizons towards new ones may further enhance my horizons.

Oh, yeah and revamping the hardware that I will work on for and in any future ventures entailing myself is consistently on my mind. Along with continuing my education and professional career. Putting at foremost, increasing my autonomy and potential for further development.

Blah blah blah, that's the old stuff. But did you know I'm a fairly old keto enthusiast?

Usually at the height of 1.78m, I weighed 85kg. At the peak of my existence (hihi), that was like, 97kg about 3-4 years back after arriving back from the Middle East (amazing food turned into energy storage). Well, I tried once for a month: lost 15kg. Then due to varying duties I could not stick to the regime very often but I'd recurrently dip and raise. My longest run took a 100 days, when I wasn't so strict and the most recent attempt got me down to 71.5kg (over 10 kg lost in +7 weeks). Australia is a bit more friendly to ketoers/low-carbers nowadays, since you can find substitute for most, even: cakes, bread, pasta, ramen, sodas and honestly anything and everything (and it's so funny to buy stuff that literally has nothing in them, except being sort of a placebo).

But hey, a dip from 97 to 71.5 within a spectrum of a few years is fairly impressive, no?
(treating 72-75 for myself as a sweet spot)



My father is an Engineer and my mother is skilled in Fine Arts.
I assume that I established myself a middle ground by binding technical and creative - becoming a designer.
Thereof I managed to acquire a broad selection of knowledges which on top was complemented with writing skills and a digital touch left upon.

What do I leave it with, though? Well, let's take a look at my key hardware:

Headphones: Audiotechnica R70x, Audiotechnica M40x, Sony MDR-V6
IEMs: Etymotic ER4XR, Custom Art FIBAE 1, Philips Fidelio S2, Etymotics ETY Kids 3, Soundmagic E30, (...)
Camera: Nikon D750 + 24-120mm f4, D5200 + 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 + 35mm f1.8
Smartphone: Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S7, Note 3, S2
Computer: Houdini-ready PC config, Surface Book 2 (15"), Surface Pro 3
Monitor: BenQ SW270C - primarily using Display P3

As a rule, I always prefered versatility and close-to-reality quality, as if just pure and neutral. Nevertheless, lately I am looking increasingly more into enriching experiences via experimentation and well established techniques.

Also, take a look through the places I've visited in life. I had a series of great opportunities and I did my best to make the best out of them all!
That's... yeah, 55 countries by far.



My suggestion is to take a peek at the Education page first. Upon investigation, you will find according subpages with the relevant projects that I have been working on, related to the units that I have been doing in the past. Most of the materials will feature presentations, documentations, photo, video & audio content, linked to external services such as: youtube, onedrive, flickr etc. I did my best to reference everyone that was involved in the group projects. If by any chance I happened to miss anyone, please notify me.

I eventually managed to scrape off most of the materials that I have ever built, raised, created and cultivated. In the process, I recalled and finally ablebodied to put together the crucial parts and a compelling, close to its true nature - a backstory. Every one and each, I believe, has or, at the very least, deserves a matching story. Extra materials will be provided, that may shed some light onto the more creative ways that were applied throughout the process of a variety of projects. Consider it, a tiny bit of makeup. Which evokes the tasty details. Sprinkled with a handful of insights.

Are you interested in my website's evolution? Please find attached the changes subpage at the bottom right corner. In case you were trying to reach me, please use the Contact subpage in the top right corner. What about the cultural background I was raised in? You may find just as much in the top right corner. Embraced by myself and the magic that comes with. Alternatively, you may take a look at my vertical timeline, at the bottom right corner. By this time, most of the content ought to be in place.

I do hope that your stay on my website will be a pleasant one.