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Welcome to my CG World. Began from blender donuts, actually began from Unity VFX and experimenting with Keijiro libraries but eventually moved into Houdini and Renderman.

This is a big leap but there's lot of dots that connected and despite major hurdles, I eventually managed to come up with some cool stuff, at which I keep on pressing.

I honestly love this stuff.

I mean, what's not to love? I get to synthesize my knowledge from here, there and everywhere from all my life: mathematics, programming, user experience, computer graphics etc. It's like I found myself something that could be the holy grail, a personal one, that I wish that existed and here it is. Except, it's still an early black box for me that will take sometime to decode.

But check out what I came up with in the process. Some of this is based on known tutorial series, some of this is my personally researched workflows of combining different things together, with some I had some help back in ALA from likeminded, yet smarter and/or more knowledgeable folks. Cheers!