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That one was a quite incredible opportunity. Why? Let me explain.

C-c-combo breaker in the form of well, Parsons unit of study, yet in collaboration with students from different departments and a project in collaboration with... I think either primary or middle school kids from New Jersey. A project that was worked on had a strongly environmental outline and execution happened in a... New Jersey park for people to interact with during a specific fair. You think that's it? Well, let's keep going..

The project in the end was a 360 experience positioned in a dome executed from a single projector, a Unity environment and was to be experienced with 3D glasses to experience different spectra of the polluted world. We had to build the dome ourselves from pre-fabricated items. There was lots of hoops to jump through and working on this was very extensive by the end of the semester as I had to spend a massive amount tweaking lots of different assets and making sure it all works and that if I dropped out for some reason, sickness or armaggeddon or whatever, that it all went smoothly.

And holy guacamole it did all turn out quite great in the end. One may say and I could say that hey, this was a bit low-fi experience but having had experience with projection mappings and such + the other work I was involved with and a lot of other things going on and my eyes and brains being dead by the end of the semester... I still think it all turned out quite surprisingly well.

And it was work on something one-of-a-kind with great teachers.